Saturday morning started off great, with an awesome breakfast at Frank’s Dinner, one of Spokane’s well known breakfast spots. Its an old train car, so it was historic and delicious!

After breakfast was my presentation! I talked about the origins and lessons learned from the #builtheritage chat. I’ve been running it with the National Trust for Historic Preservation since March 2011, so about a year and a half. I was honoured to get to speak about it and all the great successes and relationships its created. It was awesome to present with Sarah, Will and Jason, who I’ve talked to quite a bit, but never met in person. I think it was a fun and relaxed panel and I learned from everyone there.

After the presentation we drove from Spokane to Seattle, it took about five hours, with one stop in George, Washington. The scenery was great, it went from prairie like landscape, to rolling hills, mountains, and finally the ocean in Seattle.

In Seattle we spent about two hours exploring the market. It was a cool combination of farmers market, cool food shops, restaurants, flower and other shops. I of course loved the various neon signs.

From Seattle we headed to Vancouver… but that’s another post!


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